Matched in Heaven by Angela Page

-Deceased spouses play matchmaker for their living partners with the help of a disgraced  priest and a psychic.

Jake and Mimi are dead and riddled with guilt. They both left their spouses, Samantha and Sydney, back on Earth with young children and many complications.

Now in Heaven, Jake and Mimi join a support group that includes a celestial matchmaking service for their partners on Earth. They quarrel while negotiating a May/December romance for their spouses.  A match is made in Heaven with the help of the support group leader, Marcel, a former disgraced priest, and Carmella, a new arrival and former psychic.

The Earthly couple embarks on a passionate, whirlwind romance with dramatic consequences. But when the match looks doomed both Marcel and Jake are in competition to become Samantha’s’ next Earthly suitors. They plead their case with the spiritual authorities to be reincarnated. Who will win and how do they deal with a third suitor?

(Photo to right is the inspiration for the character Father Mateo, the author’s great-great uncle.)