Kirkus review: “A peek at heaven, where angels swear and lost souls find new romantic matches for those they’ve wronged…Heaven is full of querulous, unsympathetic hotheads who bicker in their support group for guilty spouses. In order for their souls to stay in heaven and avoid the valley of lost souls, guilty departed souls have to match the spouse they left behind with someone else….In Page’s debut, heaven isn’t free of cynics…”

Review by Sheri Hoyte for “I absolutely loved this story! Such a unique plot, very different from anything I have ever read before. Angela Page is a brilliant satirical writer and is not afraid to push the envelope. I thoroughly enjoyed her writing style; colorful comments, drama, and some indecent language to drive home a point, all add to the wit and charm of the story. The characters are hysterical! I did get my feathers ruffled at times when Syd showed his chauvinistic side one too many times, but that’s just the kind of guy he is, and it truly does add to his character. Humor isn’t the only dimension of the story; there is plenty of drama, dealing with loss, sickness, greed – all kinds of issues that move the story along at just the right pace. For me though, the book ended entirely too quickly. It was so fun to read, I did not want it to end.

I highly recommend “Matched in Heaven” by Angela Page for a refreshing, witty, and humorous spin on life and romance, in this world & the next.”

Review by Megan:  “Brilliant!! So different from anything else I’ve ever read. Characters were stunning, and story kept me captivated from start to finish! 100% recommend!!

Review by Nancy Genovese:  “Ms. Page seems to have exploited all her innovative and inventive imagination in her novel, Matched in Heaven. This surplus of creativity is evidenced by her whimsical cast of very many alive deceased characters who produce an enterprising plot, which the author cleverly develops through simple dialogue, sometimes implementing off-colored vocabulary to enhance the comic effect. And she succeeds! She is a master satirist whose capricious humor and impeccable story-telling acumen produce an enjoyable and entertaining novel that is also thought-provoking, luring the mind into questioning—what if this is the real heaven?”

Nancy Genovese is the co-author of recently released “S.O.D. Swords of David” and co-author of 25 books on a variety of topics including Mind over Body, an inspirational memoir recently featured on Oprah’s Life Class hosted by Brett Michaels.

Review by Ec: “This was a really fun read! The characters were very colorfully developed. I loved the way the author used different regional “accents” and colloquialisms to bring the characters to life. The premise is unique. At first the story seemed complicated, but after a couple of chapters I had a good feel for all the characters and it became easy reading. It kept my interest and I found myself wanting to find out what was going to happen next. Recommended!

Review by Cory Speece: “Not having many life experiences to draw on for comparison, I was a bit worried I wouldn’t connect with the characters or the story. Angela has done a wonderful job of keeping me captivated throughout the book. The storyline is unique and Angela’s use of wit and playfully dark humor is woven through a subject matter that could otherwise be awkward or difficult to read/process. The various tangents and subplots of this book come together incredibly well and offer up a few surprises towards the end that left my jaw open with shock.

Review by Sonia Gonzalez: “This is a very funny and creative novel about a celestial matchmaking service. The dead who feel guilty seek to match their spouses on Earth with new partners. It’s done with a lot humor and deep feeling. Very entertaining!”

Review by Cody A.: “The afterlife is something most of us fear or have very serious beliefs about what comes next. This book takes this intense topic and allows you to laugh, dream and wonder about the after life, your relationships or someone elses you know. With hilarious and sometimes gritty dialogue, you will be on your toes for what comes next. And I mean come one, a story about a somewhat “heavenly”, what isn’t to find intriguing and hilarious about that! A must read for the fall of 2015 and after!”

Review by Sara Molgaard: “Easy to read, great sense of humor, about love and the complications of dealing with the afterlife, and loss of love, with some serious moments of reflection too…

Review by Corinne W.: “Angela joins wonderful storytelling with clever and witty dialogue to create humor in an otherwise tragic human story. Her ability to put a comical spin on a difficult life event not only engages the reader, but give one food for thought. Her ability to craft words to make us smile says a lot about her as an author and a person. Good job!”

Review by Kacey Ables: “What do you do when nothing happens like it’s supposed to? When leaving life wasn’t the plan? Jake and Mimi are not what you expect. They spend alot of time trying to fix and push away their guilts. But it’s what you don’t see that will get you every single time.”

Review by Amber Spriegel: “This book is definitely not something I ever thought I would be interested in reading. I am glad I took a chance on it though. It was funny and quirky. I hope to be able to read more from this author in the future.”

Review by Patricia L. F.: “This story is delightful, unique and original. Angela is a master storyteller with a knack for satire. She will leave you wanting more, as you turn page after page.”

“Hilarious. Angela is a remarkable storyteller!”

“From the wonderful mind and life of Angela! Can’t wait to read….”